Welcome to the Canadian Center for Hydrodynamics!

The Canadian Center for Hydrodynamics offers comprehensive solution characterization services for scientists studying nanoscale molecules in the solution phase by high-resolution biophysical solution methods such as analytical ultracentrifugation. Our approach is based on problem solving for research challenges in biochemistry, biophysics, structural biology, material science, polymer science and related areas of physical sciences.

Our services focus on contract and collaborative research with investigators from academia and industry in Canada and the United States. We provide solution characterization services including experimental design, protocol development, data analysis and report preparation for manuscripts, grant applications and FDA applications for analytical ultracentrifugation experiments.

Through our laboratory we provide detailed hydrodynamic characterization of nanoscale products, including pharmaceutial formulations, protein and nucleic acid systems, antibodies, nanoparticles and other colloidal materials in need of solution characterization. We specialize on multi-wavelength analysis to study hetero-interacting systems and identify stoichiometry and thermodynamic interaction parameters.

Our laboratory is equipped with the latest analytical ultracentrifuges featuring multi-wavelength UV-visible detection, as well as Rayleigh interference optics and fluorescence emission detection for fluorescent tags with 488 nm excitation.

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Borries Demeler, Professor, Canada 150 Research Chair for Biophysics